forza injection moulding machine

FORZA Series Injection Moulding Machines

The FORZA Series is our latest high performance offering; ranging from 60 Ton to 410 Ton. Equiped with high speed servo system, these machines are ideal for high production output applications like household, PET Preforms, Toys, Caps & Closure, Containers etc.FORZA is Direct Clamping mechanism i.e Ram type injection moulding machine offers perfect platen prallelism even after 20 Years.

XENON injection moulding machine

XENON Series Injection Moulding Machines

The XENON Series is our latest high performance Toggle type clamping mechanism Machine; ranging from 110 Ton to 550 Ton.The XE Series Leverages a servo Hydraulic packages to deliver good quality parts at a rapid pace while minimising the energy use. The Reliable XE Series provides clamp specification with greater tie bar distance, clamp stroke, ejector stroke and force delivered in a smallest machine.

TP injection moulding machine

TP Series Injection Moulding Machines

The TP Series is our latest high performance Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine; ranging from 650 Ton to 4000 Ton.The TP Series is the ideal solution for Large Components moulding applications. The TP Series offers log Opening stroke, Larger tie bar distances packed in very small Footprint being the compact sized large tonnage machines.The stability and rigidness of the TP Series makes it a perfect solution for Large size machines.

fd injection moulding machine

FT Series Toggle Injection Moulding Machines

Introduced in 2018, the FT Series is the general purpose injection moulding machine that provides a budget solution for your needs. The FT Series starts from 110 Ton upto 1350 Ton. FT Series is a perfect solution for slow applications where cycle time is above 10 Seconds, for the general Engineering applications FT Series is the machine for your components. The FT Series comes in a wide range of tonnage options with different tie bar distance selections.

pet preform plant

PET Preform Plant

FORZA PET Series injection moulding is designed to Optimise the production and lowering the input costs specifically for the PET Preform manufacturing so that you can offer competitiveness in the market.